9 Items That Will Change Your Kitchen Life

We have prepared this page with tips for those who like to cook and exclusive intens that will facilitate your journey.

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3 Tips for You to Choose the Best for Your Kitchen

If you are living alone for the first time or are one of those people who have difficulty choosing the best items for your kitchen, from now on, rest assured.
We have separated 3 tips, or better, 3 steps for you to follow and it is good time to compare and buy the best utensils for your kitchen, without falling into holes or objects that are no good or do not work.
At the end we separated 9 items from safe suppliers that are tested and approved, which I am sure will make your life as a cook easier.

1. Understand the difference between the types of cookware


The variety of materials used in the production of this very important piece in the kitchen can leave you a little confused at the time of purchase. After all, how do you know which one is healthier? Which has greater durability? And which is easier to handle?

With so many doubts, we have separated the main cookware models below and told you a little about their characteristics to help you decide:

1. Aluminum pan: this is the most common model due to the affordable price and also because it is the most manageable. However, it is a material that, over time, darkens and creates stains and can be harmful to health, since excess aluminum can be transferred to food.

2. Stainless steel pot: it is the most recommended version for the kitchen, as it is easily sanitized, resistant, does not oxidize and has great durability. Those who opt for this model should use silicone utensils to avoid scratches, as other materials can cause scratches and damage to their surface.

3. Ceramic pot: this is considered, by many, the most beautiful version due to the design. In addition, it is non-stick, heats faster, keeps food warm for longer and is easy to sanitize. However, it is more fragile than the other two models above and requires more attention not to burn.

2. Give Preference to Kitchen Utensils Other Than Wood

Very popular items like the cutting board and the wooden spoon, for example, are unhygienic because they are more prone to the proliferation of bacteria. This is because germs accumulate when cutting or handling food in the groove of the wood.

And as they are products used daily, their hygiene is impaired and this can compromise not only the quality of the food but your health. Therefore, when purchasing these utensils, the ideal is to choose those that are made of polyethylene or glass.

3. Always Choose Diversity in Games and Sets


When buying cutlery, it is common to buy an average cutlery and not pay due attention to the variety and quality of these items. But you must avoid this mistake! When buying, check the number of parts in the kit. This is essential for those who like to receive many visitors at home.

Also, find out if the set provides options for specific use like dessert spoons, teaspoons, coffee spoon, rice spoon, pie paddle, salad fork, etc. It can also be interesting to invest in a set of knives, as they vary widely in quality, handling, strength and endurance.

For example, there is the 8 cm knife for chopping vegetables and peeling vegetables, the carving knife that is ideal for cutting thin and regular slices of roasted meat and poultry, the serrated knife for bread and cakes etc. It is also worth purchasing a metal sharpener or polishing stone for when you need to sharpen them.

In fact, preparing your home and leaving it the way you always dreamed is a delightful task to do, but, as you have noticed throughout this text, it is important to pay attention to details and learn more about kitchen utensils and its characteristics to guarantee a good presentation and sophistication.

We hope you have understood and enjoyed our 3 steps that you must follow to assemble a complete kitchen. Now we want you to see 9 items that we have separated to complement our tips. I’m sure you will like these!

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