9 Items That Will Transform Your Environment in a Simple and Practical Way

With these items I’m sure you will be able to change any environment

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Tips to Transform Your Environment

Many people think that to change the decoration of their environment they need to change everything in a radical way, but not quite.
Sometimes, just the use of an object, the removal or change of position will make all the difference in a positive way.
Thinking about it, we chose 9 items that will surprisingly modify all the decoration of the environment in which they will be inserted.
But before that, we prepared 5 tips that will facilitate your understanding of the decoration and give you tips to have a better performance when decorating.

5 Tips to Decorate Better


Check out the tips to better decorate your environment.

1. Base the decor on a special color


Choose a specific wall or piece of furniture to change the color, using this as a starting point. Always remember that focal point to compose the rest of the decoration, in order to seek visual continuity.

2. Determine the role of the environment


Assess how and what the room will be used for. Will the room house the whole family to watch TV or will it only function as a living room, where there will not always be people walking around?

3. Recycle furniture

If you already have some furniture, there is no need to get rid of it. A sofa, for example, can be remodeled by simply changing the color of the fabric. To complement the transformation, you can invest in pillows with different prints, but that follow the tones of the furniture.

4. Bet on porcelain tiles that reproduce wood

Porcelain that reproduces wood creates harmony between the environments, especially if they are open. The Pau Brasil line is presented in three versions: the traditional natural tone, another with an ivory nuance and a darker version, developed after the application of the walnut extract. The collection impresses with the beauty of the color.

5. Standardize the style of the furniture

For the dining room, it is essential to follow the decoration style of the rest of the house. If the furniture is rounded, for example, the table must go along that same line. If they are square, the cut must also be like this.

After these tips I’m sure you will understand better and be able to decorate your environments more easily.
Thinking about it we chose 9 items that will fit perfectly in any environment giving

9 Items That Will Transform Your Environment

Those were our decoration tips, if you want to see more click here.

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