Here’s How To Choose Best Toys For Children’s School

How To Choose Best Toys For Children's School

Toys occupy a very important role in children’s school. After all, they offer much more than fun for children, since, through play in the playground, they learn rules of good coexistence, work the interaction with the classmates and also develop their motor and cognitive skills.

Toy space becomes even more important when the school welcomes students with special needs, as they help with school inclusion. However, it is not a question of choosing specific items for this audience — you need to acquire Toys that can be used by everyone safely.

Do you want to make your children’s school safer and more attractive for the child? Check below how to assemble and choose the best toys for children’s school! Good reading!

How to assemble and what toys to buy?

How to assemble and what toys to buy?

To set up your playground, the first thing to do is to study relevant information about the children’s school, such as the average age of the children, the space available to install the toys and the type of toy your students prefer.

From these data, it is possible to better orient yourself to choose toys that, in fact, ensure the recreation of children and that, above all, are safe and appropriate for their age.

The most important factor is to select toys made from materials that correspond to the age group of students. For children’s school classes, which usually have a maximum age of five, the ideal is to use plastic items, which have several advantages, such as:

* absence of dangerous corners, since their corners are rounded;

* lightness and strength of the material;

* no exposure to sharp surfaces such as nails, chips or barbs;

* possibility of creating modules to assemble differentiated toys;

* no rust and no accumulation of moisture, due to the possibility of drying after rains;

* durability for more than 15 years.

Some of the toys that can not be missing and are great options for the playful and recreational activities of the school are the slides, the spinner, the little houses, the braids, the polyplay, the swing, the tree house, among others.

How to choose toys for children’s school?

When buying toys for children’s school, it is necessary to take into account several factors, which are essential to acquire safe, fun items and that are a good investment for your company. Check out some of our tips to make a good choice!

See ABNT standards!

To build your playground, it is essential to consult the Abnt (Brazilian Association of Technical Standards), which has (in NBR 16701) on the requirements that equipment for this type of space must follow, such as distance and height of toys, finishing and periodic inspection, maintenance rules and mandatory monitoring of activities by a qualified professional.

By following ABNT’s recommendations, you increase your chances of making a successful selection that excels at the safety of your students.

Analyze the available space and the age of children

Analyze the available space and the age of children

If the recreational area of the school is small, then you can not opt for toys that are huge, because you have to leave space for children to play and move freely without taking any risk. Therefore, give preference to items that can be easily installed and separated by a safe distance in your yard.

In addition, at the time of play, all children will play at the same time, so it is recommended to choose versatile toys that will suit all age groups. In order not to limit the types of structures, you can opt for modular versions, which allow the addition or removal of components, generating new toys and new experiences to the little ones.

Prefer toys that stimulate creativity

How To Choose Best Toys For Children's School

Playing in groups stimulates children’s creativity, which can be enhanced with the toy options available in the school playground. During play, they create imaginary situations and participate in playful experiences with adventure and emotion. This process is very important for strengthening the development and learning of students.

Therefore, it is recommended to give preference to toys that stimulate the creativity of little ones. A good example of this is the little houses, which allow them to invent their own pranks.

Make sure that the components of the toys can not harm children!

Checking what toys are made of and what their components are is a crucial criterion to avoid any harm to the physical integrity of students. Equipment made of plastic wood, which last longer than iron or wood models, are sustainable and environmentally friendly, easy to maintain, and have no apparent screws, or barbs and ends that can hurt children are indicated.

Another advantage of this type of material is that it does not contain porosities on its surface — spaces that facilitate the accumulation of fungi and bacteria and that can cause allergies and a number of diseases in those who use the toys.

Watch for supplier warranty times

The choice of toys for children’s school playground requires a lot of caution and research on suppliers. This step is very important and should not be ignored, because it prevents you from facing future inconvenience due to the acquisition of equipment of low durability or that can hurt the little ones.

When becoming interested in a brand, you have to raise as much information as possible about the company and the quality of the products it markets, as well as check whether its reputation is respected in the market. A good way to find out is by searching the Internet, both on complaints sites and on the supplier’s own page, to check if most reviews are positive or negative.

Finally, it is also essential to make sure that the chosen company provides products that follow the safety standards stipulated by ABNT, in addition to offering warranty periods for maintenance or exchanges, in case the toys present defects and require replacement parts.

With the care mentioned here, you can choose toys for children’s school that value the safety of students and guarantee pleasant, fun and learning moments during play.

How to Choose The Best Toys for 1 Year Old Boys

Knowing how to choose the best toys for a child of 1 year can be a torment for parents.

Are you afraid to put your child’s health at risk with inappropriate toys?

Have you ever thought how dangerous it is to use toys from dubious and poorly crafted sources for your child’s health?

If you are here, it is because you know the risk you have and agree with me that we need to have the best products for our children.

Thinking about it, I elaborated this article with four tips for you not to make a mistake when choosing the best toys for a child of 1 year!

# Tip Number 01: See all the details on the packaging

Let’s face it: you can not buy a toy that does not meet the quality and safety standards required by regulators! The packaging or label of the products has the necessary information about what you are taking home.

Therefore, always see if there is the Inmetro seal on the packaging, so it is possible to see if the toy offers quality product and service to children. Also, the package contains manufacturer data, shelf life and warranty conditions that can be quite useful to you.

Being attentive to these letters can ensure that you do not buy a dangerous toy. In this way, safe fun is guaranteed for all the little ones.

# Tip Number 02: Stop! See the materials of the toy.

# Tip Number 02: Stop! See the materials of the toy.

Some aspects are easy to identify and prevent you from carrying a toy that will bring future problems for the little ones.

Nothing to buy those who make a lot of noise so as not to harm their hearing, let alone bet on products with a smell or shape that resemble some food, after all, they can confuse them with Real Food and swallow them.

Also, always check the conditions that the toys meet, look at the parts of the material. See if there are any loose, small, that can be swallowed, in addition to the sharp corners or even flaws in the finish.

For apparent reasons, if you are going to buy a toy for a child under three years old, do not choose those that are divided into parts or small parts.

# Tip Number 03: always choose the educational ones, they are the best toys for boys of 1 year

always choose the educational ones, they are the best toys for boys of 1 year

Childhood is a phase of great learning, so nothing better than combining the useful with the pleasant and betting on educational toys. In this way, children can play and develop their skills.

Also, we were able to stimulate teaching, according to the children’s discoveries, by learning letters, numbers and developing their motor coordination. Toys are essential at this stage to create the first experiences.

For the most part, educational toys offer less risk to the safety of the child and break they still tips to choose a toy for children without taking risks to acquire a lot of knowledge naturally and playfully. Therefore, they are the most suitable options for children.

# Tip number 04: At this stage avoid too many technological toys

Do children need so much technology at playtime? There are several ultra-technological toys, which offer various features for the little ones. All this can harm your child’s development by not proposing challenges to them. The best toys for boys from 1 year are educational ones.

Therefore, it is recommended that you seek to choose more straightforward children’s toy that contributes and assist in the interaction of the little ones. However, if this technology is innovative, then even you can have fun together with them.

I hope this guide will help you choose the best toys for 1-year-old boys. If you want to see the products that we have indicated for this age, on our homepage, there is a hall of the best and trusted sources.

How to Make an Efficient Canine Training

training dog

Dog training is a constant concern among dog parents. Teaching some tricks to the pet can help facilitate some day-to-day tasks with him and is also a way to educate him to obey the orders of the tutor.

How to train the dog can be a mysterious activity, one should understand as much as possible on the topic. Mainly at times when we spend more time at home, the pet feels the change and, accordingly, both of us no longer know what to do to spend time together.

A great alternative for puppies of all ages and breeds, is to teach some tricks. That is, use some basic training commands.

But if you do not intend to hire a professional for dog training and want to teach your pet anyway, we have selected some tips on how to train a dog at home for the following tricks:

* How to teach your dog to sit

* How to teach your dog to paw

* How to teach your dog to lie down

* How to teach your dog to stay

* How to teach your dog to approach when called

Below you will see how to train a dog through special tips and tricks. Check it out!

How to Train a Dog in the Right Way?

train dog

Commands for dogs in addition to reinforcing positive behaviors, contribute to the physical and mental well-being of the pet. There is the stimulation of memory and reasoning, the decrease in anxiety and the correction of behavioral problems.

As training dog represents more than teaching tricks that make us happy and that are cute to see, it is necessary to emphasize that it is also something healthy for your pet and that further strengthens the relationship between you.

It is common for parents of dogs to worry about dog training, but in times of budget adjustment, for example, hiring a professional may not be the best alternative.

Therefore, we must first consider two very important steps!

The importance of repetition in dog training


Do not forget that dog training is training and therefore it is essential to repeat each action with the dog several times until it learns what you want – whether sitting, pawing, lying down or staying.

But during Dog Training, always do short workouts, with breaks to intersperse, preventing the dog from getting tired and losing attention, the same thing happens to us humans, when we spend a lot of time doing the same activity!

Use rewards during dog training

Several things can be considered a reward for dogs. For example:

* The attention that the tutor shows when looking at it;

* Positive phrases like ” good boy!”o” very well”;

* Honey and snacks.

These rewards are great allies of dog training: they encourage the pet to make the movements he wants during the beginning of the process, until they become common habits of the dog.

In many cases, these rewards are enough to help with dog training. But if you consider it necessary, healthy snacks or fruits allowed for puppies can help.

If your dog is allergic or can not get out of the diet, such as those who suffer from canine obesity, use the grains from the ration as a snack.

Before starting dog training, remember: rewards should be quick to prevent the dog from losing focus in training. Just as long compliments take away the focus of the pet and impair learning, snacks should be small, to the point of swallowing quickly, so that there is no need to stop the activity for him to chew.

Ready to learn how to train a dog? Continue reading!

Tricks for training dogs

Take a detailed look at our dog training tips at home:

How to teach your dog to sit

dog sit

To learn how to teach the dog to sit:

1. Take a bite, show your puppy. Keep it close to the dog’s nose;

2. Move the bite to the back of the head, allowing your head to follow the bite, accompanying the movement, make it feel;

3. When the dog sits down, say “sit down” and give him the bite.

The natural reaction of many dogs is to sit, as if waiting for food. If this happens, reward it with words of encouragement or with the snack.

In the event that the pet does not feel after sniffing the bite, there are other ways to teach the dog to sit with dog training. Still with the bite, move your hand to the back of your head. The intention is for the dog to follow the movement of the hand and feel. When you sit, do not forget to give the reward.

Even then, some pets may not understand. To show the dog that it should sit, gently push the dog’s chest while pressing the butt to make it sit. Then give the reward.

During Dog Training, repeat the keyword you want, such as ” sit down!”, so that the dog gets used to the command, and ready-you learned how to teach the dog to sit!

This is the first command to be taught. It serves as a base for others, in addition to being the easiest to teach because it is something natural and already does daily.

It is always important to celebrate the achievement with encouraging phrases, such as ” very well!”.

How to teach your dog to paw

The easiest way to learn how to teach the dog to paw is to hide a bite in your hand and let it smell, as well as by teaching the dog to site.

Therefore, to learn how to teach your dog to give paw:

1. Give the order for the dog to sit;

2. Take a bite in your hand and close it in a fist so that it only smells;

3. Wait until the dog stretches the paw towards you to try to open it;

4. At the moment when you are left with your paw in your hand, speak the command “give the paw” and give the bite;

And do not forget to praise the pet and reward it with affection too. Since you will try to take the snack anyway, as soon as you put your paw on your hand, already prove that you made the right gesture and offer the reward. And don’t forget to repeat the keyword you choose during dog training as well.

How to teach the dog to give the paw is a slow process, like many other training tricks, be patient and never fight with your pet in case it is late to learn the command.

How to teach your dog to lie down

To learn how to teach the dog to lie down:

1. Take a bite and hold it with your hands closed;

2. Bring your hands closer to the muzzle and make it smell your hand, identifying the presence of the bite;

3. Rest your closed hand on the floor. He will follow her;

4. Then slide your hand across the floor in front of the dog to indicate that you should follow her, so your head will already be resting against the ground.

And not least, offer the reward! You can also use keywords for the dog to understand the command without needing the bite in the future. Therefore, when you are crouched and practically lying down, say “lie down” and reward you for achievement.

Remember that every animal has a personality and so some dogs may take longer than others to learn tricks. However, all of them are able to learn. The important thing is to have patience and respect each other’s time.

In addition, training is a daily construction and the tutor must devote at least 10 minutes of his day to teaching pet, so that there is a fixation of the tricks that have been learned.

How to teach your dog to stay

If you want to know how to teach the dog to stay:

1. Give the order for the dog to site;

2. Open the palm of your hand in front of the dog without touching it and say ” stay”;

3. Take a few steps back and repeat the “stay” command”;

And don’t forget to offer the reward.

Teaching the dog to stand is, above all, an exercise in self-control. Therefore, after doing this for a few minutes, make the gesture of “stop”, showing the palm of your hand to the dog and say the keyword” stay ” again and go away little by little.

It may be necessary to repeat the command word during dog training during distancing so that he understands that he should stand still. For this, you can alternate the keyword with short phrases of encouragement, such as “good guy” or “very good”.

Then go back and repeat the process to teach the dog to stand. If the furry tries to follow you, go back and make him return to the starting point, and repeat the whole process of dog training. Until you fully master the command, gradually increase the time you need to stand still.

How to teach your dog to approach when called

golden retriever

To teach your dog to approach when called!

1. Put a bite under your feet and speak the command “come here” to your dog;

2. When you arrive, say “very well” and ask him to sit down;

3. Increase the distance gradually and repeat the action until the pet understands it.

And as in all other steps of the process, praise the pet and reward them with affection as well. As you can see, despite the fact that we use training tips, teaching puppies requires time, dedication and above all a lot of patience.

Performing the training of dogs helps in the behavior of the animal when the tutor is or not present, facilitating, for example, the feeling of separation in the absence of the same.

I hope this guide has been very useful for you.

6 Ways to Get the Dog to Control Its Barking

Ways to Get the Dog to Control Its Barking!

Dogs can be man’s best friends, as they offer attention, companionship and a lot of love. But even the most beloved can sometimes become quite unpleasant with their unique habits or excessive noises. And therefore, the doubt of many tutors is: how to make the dog stop barking?

In addition to disturbing, a noisy pet can bring problems with neighbors, avoid visits and cause great discomfort. Therefore, we have separated seven tips for those seeking Ways to Get the Dog to Control Its Barking!

Dogs Will Bark!

Dogs Will Bark!

First of all, it is important that one thing is clear: dogs bark. It is their natural way of expressing themselves and communicating, showing joy for someone who has just arrived or strangeness with some stranger.

That is why, for those who love dogs, living with barking is something normal, and even pleasant. Despite this, it is important to identify when barking is natural and when it is excessive and is becoming a problem for you and even your friend.

But Why Does the Dog Bark?

 Ways to Get the Dog to Control Its Barking: But Why Does the Dog Bark?

We already know that barking is the way the dog expresses itself, but what does it mean to us? In fact, barking can have many meanings, and some tutors even know how to identify the signs of your pet through it.

At some times, when your friend is excited or happy, barking is normal and welcome. However, there are cases that sound can disturb. Here are some reasons that help explain why dogs bark:

* protection: puppies are very territorialist. Noticing someone Strange in your “domain”, you can bark to drive away the attacker;

* fear: sometimes the dog may bark out of fear or fear. Feeling threatened, he starts barking to attract attention and get help;

* alarm: some dogs feel the faithful squire of their guardian. Noticing something he does not like, the dog can bark to warn you;

* loneliness: do not forget that dogs are very sociable animals. They like coexistence and friendship. Being alone is torture for a dog and he will be able to bark to find companionship,

* boredom: dogs are very active and need to spend their energy! If you are left alone at home without a way to play, the dog will bark out of sheer boredom.

The first step in avoiding a noisy dog is to try to avoid situations that generate barking. In addition, we have separated seven tips that will help you decrease your friend’s barking.

1. Act Directly on the Cause of the Crust

As said above, barking is one of the main ways the dog has to communicate. Therefore, nothing more natural than barking to warn that you are hungry, thirsty, afraid, feeling lonely, bored or in pain.

Before taking any action to reduce barking, it is critical to identify the cause and act on it. For example, if the dog barks to warn that he is hungry, try to create a routine. Already if the dog barks from being bored, buy interactive toys to stimulate it.

2. Don’t Yell!

No matter how smart your four-legged child is, he will not understand what is being said. Thus, by screaming, you let the pet get even more excited, and even worse, you will prove that in your house it is allowed to make noise.

Dogs learn a lot by observation: if they notice that their tutor is calm and calm, they will relax and stop barking. Therefore, instead of increasing the tone of voice, do the opposite and speak firmly but controlled. This will help the pet to understand that this is not an alarming situation.

3 . Reward Effort

Dogs love a bite, and this can be used for training! If you have a friend who barks too much, wait for him to stop barking. When that happens, reward him with a bite or a tummy hug.

Gradually, you will learn that barking is not the best way to achieve what you want and that you should stop barking excessively.

4. Impose Limits

Impose Limits

A doubt of many tutors is how to make the dog stop barking for nothing. As already said, dogs will bark naturally, the important thing is that it is not excessive.

In order not to stress your friend, every time he makes noise, impose a barking limit. For example, let it bark 5 times without disturbing you. After this number, start asking, calmly and firmly, to stop. And reward him when he does.

5. Provide a Quiet Space

If you have a nervous four-legged child and bark in various situations, consider ensuring a quieter space for him. This area, designed exclusively for the dog, can be useful on various occasions, such as when visitors arrive or when Guardians leave the House.

It can be a small room with walks, your favorite toys, water and food, plus low noise. Make a fairly comfortable space for your friend to calm down in stressful situations.

For this you can count even on the help of synthetic pheromones, which you find in stores such as Pets.

6. Have an Anti-stress Collar

Have an Anti-stress Collar -  Ways to Get the Dog to Control Its Barking

In some situations, especially in fireworks and thunderstorms, it is very difficult to make your friend calm. But today it is possible to find so-called anti-stress collars. They are devices that embrace the pet at the right points, giving them safety and tranquility, helping to control barking.

And remember: barking is natural for dogs and is a sign that your friend wants to talk and express himself. And, of course, no one wants their pet to be calm and apathetic, right?

We hope you enjoyed this article on ways to make your dog control barking!

How to Train a Dog in 4 Steps Even If You Don’t Know Where to Start

how to train a dog

We know that there are many doubts about how to enter your dog in the most effective way possible and one of the main keys to the success of this type of training is to show the dog that it will be windier to obey.

One of the most common mistakes during homemade dog training is to act in such a way that encourages the dog to do exactly the opposite of what you want him to do and, for that reason, we have prepared some tips on how to enter your dog the adult in the best possible way; see!

How to get your dog to stay – 4 steps

The first rule for conditioning the dog to obey any command is: action according to what they are talking about. Teaching your dog to stay, for example, and then encouraging himself and making him go to you will make him learn to disobey what he is asking for.

Consider asking him to stay in position and gradually increase the time of stay until he is released to follow him, always rewarding him with snacks, toys or affection; which must be given when he is released from command or lies he obeys. There are even educational toys that can help in dog training.

With this first rule in mind, let’s get to training!

Step 1-Introduction to the dog to the reward

Understanding this is very important for you to learn how to train a dog!

Put the leash on your pet and kneel, holding it by the leash with one hand while the other holds a portion of food or some other bite you like.

Tell him to stay and wait patiently until he stops moving towards the bite, repeating “fall” until he understands that the more he moves, the longer it will take to gain pleasure.

As soon as you hold yourself in position without taking off the leash, say incentives such as “very well” and give one of the snacks. Be patient and affectionate, mainly at the beginning of training.

Step 2 – Stand Up Straight and Repeat the Command

Stand Up Straight and Repeat the Command

Stand up straight and hold your dog’s guide close to you. Say “stay” and throw one of the pieces one step away from you, waiting for the dog to be calm. Reach for the reward and bring it closer, letting him reach for the bite after he is calm and standing for a while, saying ” ok ” before releasing it.

Step 3-Repeat Step 2

Just take the reward a little further, so that you need to walk towards it to look for it. Our dogs are used to following us, so do not mock if you do, just walk looking at it, repeating “stay” and stop walking every time you move. Affection and patience are the secrets of the process, so always show that you are doing a good job and that this is a fun time for both of you.

Step 4 – Exchange the Reward! This is Important to Learn How to Train a Dog

how to train dog: happy dog!

Try to replace snacks with toys, and then with words of affection and ally. Repeat the first three steps with these new rewards, even using more than one at a time, and as clever as the dog is obeying the command, you can enter it in the “sit”, “lie”, “give paw”, etc

It is important to clarify that, as it happens with us, each dog has a fairly variable learning time, so be patient and do not give up training your dog if you think it is taking him to learn.

Also, dogs trained from dogs tend to learn better than adult dogs, but that doesn’t mean that adult dog training is impossible, right? Any dog can be trained!

We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to train a dog!

15 Basic Utensils That Every Kitchen Must Have (Guide for Those Who Will Live Alone)

We decided to leave your life more functional, and you can rest assured that we are not talking about cutting sugar or fats for the whole week (Whoo!). To help when preparing a recipe or even help in the kitchen of the day to day, these tips go for those who began to fall in love with gastronomy, or even for you who are new home.

We hope that this list of utensils will facilitate and help your life in the kitchen. And best of all, they are all very affordable and easy to find online.


Basic Utensils That Every Kitchen Must Have: VEGETABLE PEELER

Think of really useful utensils. If you are from the time you use a face for peeling, you can be sure that this will help you and a lot. In addition to making it easy to peel a vegetable, it is extremely easy to find out there. Using the peeler it becomes even more fun to use vegetables in recipes.



It may seem simple, but a good wooden spoon will be your best friend on the stove. In addition to serving for everything, it has a very long shelf life and does not scratch the pots.


Whether at the time of opening a wine, a cucumber pot or even a can of corn. A home opener is very important.


What you want to do is take a risk in the kitchen, in addition to being beautiful, of course! Spoons help in measurements for recipes that are more boring to make and that usually have more specific ingredients-who ever wondered if the spoon was soup or table?


It may seem like an unnecessary utensil, but only those who have a half-moon grinder can understand the preciousness of that object. Think with us: a table full of chopped onion, comes the Half Moon chopper and they are small and ready to be added in the food in a perfect size. That utensil makes you a little chef, I promise.

6. Have a grater in your home: It is a basic utensil that every kitchen should have

Grater: Basic Utensils That Every Kitchen Must Have

“Rala Rando el tchán ae…”Grater is the classic that everyone has at home, until it comes that it does not have, it actually has. Carrot, sweet potato, salty, will be your faithful squire during life. Essential element and facilitator in the kitchen!



Perfection has a name and is silicone case. Do you know when we are making a cake and before we pass all the mixture to the form, it ends up getting a lot of ingredient in the jar? Dear friend, your troubles are over! Spatulas remove everything! Love has a name, yes!


We love the silicone utensil and it is nothing new that they are great friends of the kitchen. When we make meatballs, brownies or even cakes are optimal artifices for successful demoulding.


It is not one of the most important and indispensable utensils when it comes to throwing something out of the oven, but it is a great option to have at home. I pay that you have already burned a dishcloth by pulling the pan from the fire. In addition to being beautiful, they give that detail of comfort in the kitchen. It’s cute, isn’t it?!

10. Bowl

This is a basic utensils that every kitchen should have!


Bowls, bowls, plates, no matter what name we use, everyone has it… Our advice is to have those stainless steel or glass bowls; it will facilitate the preparation of a recipe and still make your kitchen more functional and the mise en place is beautiful.

We hope that guide on Basic Utensils That Every Kitchen Must Have has been very helpful!

5 Tips to Keep Your Kitchen in Order

Untidy cutlery in the drawer, pans that take up enough space and foods that are difficult to identify-these are some problems of those who do not know how to organize the kitchen. In addition to being better to find what is needed and leave the atmosphere more cozy, an organized kitchen can also avoid bad smell.

But how to leave everything tidy? Follow this text and get to know 5 practical and affordable suggestions to make your kitchen quite organized. Check it out!

In this article we have separated 5 tips to keep your kitchen in order and never have a headache at lunch on Sunday. We hope you like!

1. Replace the original packaging with glass jars

glass jars

You must have gone through the situation of wasting time searching for an item or picking up a wrong product because it was in the original package. In addition, generally, the packaging is not transparent and even makes us confused.

To escape from this, arrange kitchen products in glass jars. Leave them to show on the countertop or cabinet. This way, you can find what you need faster. This task will be much easier that you will be able to organize a creative dinner for your friends, asking them to choose the ingredients that you have at home.

2. Use Labels Tips for to Keep Your Kitchen in Order

Use labels

But if one food resembles the other, it will be necessary to distinguish them. Do this with the use of labels, placing the name of the product and its expiration date. Thus, your kitchen will be organized and nothing cluttered.

3. Organize your dishes in transparent boxes and trays

Do your kitchen cutlery spread out in the drawer? Do the dishes scatter, taking up too much space? Therefore, use boxes, baskets and trays to organize all this material. Separate by size, and if you have similar elements, separate by color.

It is important that the boxes and other containers are made of transparent material. This way, you can visualize what’s inside each container and then decide faster what to use.

4. Place packages in a shoe organizer

Place packages in a shoe organizer for tips to keep your kitchen in order

Do you have many packages of cookies and sweets in your kitchen? Are they scattered around the cupboards, tumultuous among the dishes? How about we make them more organized and easier to catch?

To achieve this, you can put them in those plastic shoe organizers. They have several partitions that can be distributed between packages of sweet, savory and even seasonings. Sticking one of these utensils into the wall or cabinet door can be a great way out to have everything easily accessible.

5. Use hooks to organize utensils

Use hooks to organize utensils for tips to keep your kitchen in order

Do you want to organize those cups that are lost in the kitchen? Use hooks to hold them inside or outside the closet. Therefore, your favorite Cups will no longer be hidden, and yet they will be less at risk of breaking.

Also take advantage of hooks to hold meters and cutlery. When they hang, coupled to a structure, it is easier to catch and find them.

These were some tips for organizing your kitchen. In addition to these steps, it is also interesting to reduce the garbage in the kitchen to make it more organized. For example, avoid accumulating papers, glass, plastics, and metals from your home. Do a selective pick regularly and make your kitchen more tidy.

We hope this article on our blog was helpful to you.

4 Amazing Kitchen Utensils That You Can Not Miss in Your Home


If you are looking to build an amazing kitchen, but do not know which are the best available to buy through the internet, follow this article and understand everything about the main products to make your kitchen more practical and functional.

The kitchen allows us to produce various types of food. Sweet, savory, appetizers, main courses, desserts and even drinks. In this context, to make life easier for those who need to cook every day, there are several items that can be useful and are called kitchen utensils.

They are used to cut food, process it, open certain packages or even measure the amount of certain ingredients. Without them, for sure, the act of cooking would be more complicated and even less hygienic, since many products would have to be handled manually.

Top 4 Best and Highest Rated Kitchen Utensils for amazing kitchen

Stainless steel handle with silicone tip For amazing kitchen


This stainless steel handle with silicone tip is the best selling item on the Amazon website in the category food handles.

It is resistant, withstands up to 240ºC, is non-toxic and does not deform at high temperatures. It is hygienic and simple to wash, mainly because it does not absorb waste and liquids.

It does not attack the bottom of the pots and is available in several colors to match with other items in your kitchen.


  • • Can be washed in the dishwasher
  • • Multipurpose
  • Disadvantage
  • • Small

What is a stainless steel grip and what is it for?

The catcher is a household utensil that allows you to catch pasta, salads, cold cuts and other foods without them falling off. It allows food to be served with greater ease and practicality.

Stainless steel measuring spoons


They are made of stainless steel, so they are more durable and resistant. The kit contains 5 spoons to measure the most diverse ingredients and has a hook that allows a better organization of these items.


* Accurate measurements

* Easy to clean

* Does not spoil easily like plastic models

* Perfect for small measurements


* Poor finish

* English description

What is it and what are the measuring spoons for?

These items can be made from various materials and are intended to measure elements more accurately in recipes. They are suitable for professional and home use.

How to choose the best measuring spoons?

Pay attention to the material!

Measuring spoons can be made of many materials, among these, those produced in stainless steel last longer. Therefore, if you want a product with higher quality, look for the stainless steel measuring spoons.

Evaluate the quantity and capacity of the items

Measuring spoons can come in several quantities and each with a distinct capacity. In this sense, before opting for an ideal model, check which ones will be most used in your home and look for kits that contain these measures specific to you.

Wine opener


This wine opener is one of the best-selling products on Amazon, included in the category of bottle openers. It is made of stainless steel, which gives greater durability to the product, in addition to containing a corkscrew button that allows you to remove the Cork with practicality and through a touch. Together, it has a seal cutter and works on the pile.


• Safe

* Good quality

* Easy operation


* Product to stack

What is a wine opener?

The wine opener is an indispensable item for those who are lovers of this drink. Many wines are stored in bottles with a cork lid. In this way, the Corkscrew is a very useful object for opening these containers. It can be of various types, manual and automatic, in addition to having several operating modes.

Lemon Juicer

Lemon Juicer - amazing kitchen

This item produced in high strength injected aluminum, presents several colors to match the decoration of your kitchen, in addition to containing a non-toxic paint and being a light object and easy to handle.


• Resistant

* Beautiful Design

* Practical


* More suitable for small lemons, limiting their use

What is lemon juicer?

The lemon juicer, as its name says, is a product designed to squeeze this fruit and provide its juice. It is indispensable for those who want to completely remove the juice from the lemon, since when the act of squeezing is done manually, there is a risk of not squeezing this fruit efficiently.

These are the 5 essential products that can not be missing in your home in any way. We hope you liked the tip, and for more browse our website.