5 Tips to Keep Your Kitchen in Order

Untidy cutlery in the drawer, pans that take up enough space and foods that are difficult to identify-these are some problems of those who do not know how to organize the kitchen. In addition to being better to find what is needed and leave the atmosphere more cozy, an organized kitchen can also avoid bad smell.

But how to leave everything tidy? Follow this text and get to know 5 practical and affordable suggestions to make your kitchen quite organized. Check it out!

In this article we have separated 5 tips to keep your kitchen in order and never have a headache at lunch on Sunday. We hope you like!

1. Replace the original packaging with glass jars

glass jars

You must have gone through the situation of wasting time searching for an item or picking up a wrong product because it was in the original package. In addition, generally, the packaging is not transparent and even makes us confused.

To escape from this, arrange kitchen products in glass jars. Leave them to show on the countertop or cabinet. This way, you can find what you need faster. This task will be much easier that you will be able to organize a creative dinner for your friends, asking them to choose the ingredients that you have at home.

2. Use Labels Tips for to Keep Your Kitchen in Order

Use labels

But if one food resembles the other, it will be necessary to distinguish them. Do this with the use of labels, placing the name of the product and its expiration date. Thus, your kitchen will be organized and nothing cluttered.

3. Organize your dishes in transparent boxes and trays

Do your kitchen cutlery spread out in the drawer? Do the dishes scatter, taking up too much space? Therefore, use boxes, baskets and trays to organize all this material. Separate by size, and if you have similar elements, separate by color.

It is important that the boxes and other containers are made of transparent material. This way, you can visualize what’s inside each container and then decide faster what to use.

4. Place packages in a shoe organizer

Place packages in a shoe organizer for tips to keep your kitchen in order

Do you have many packages of cookies and sweets in your kitchen? Are they scattered around the cupboards, tumultuous among the dishes? How about we make them more organized and easier to catch?

To achieve this, you can put them in those plastic shoe organizers. They have several partitions that can be distributed between packages of sweet, savory and even seasonings. Sticking one of these utensils into the wall or cabinet door can be a great way out to have everything easily accessible.

5. Use hooks to organize utensils

Use hooks to organize utensils for tips to keep your kitchen in order

Do you want to organize those cups that are lost in the kitchen? Use hooks to hold them inside or outside the closet. Therefore, your favorite Cups will no longer be hidden, and yet they will be less at risk of breaking.

Also take advantage of hooks to hold meters and cutlery. When they hang, coupled to a structure, it is easier to catch and find them.

These were some tips for organizing your kitchen. In addition to these steps, it is also interesting to reduce the garbage in the kitchen to make it more organized. For example, avoid accumulating papers, glass, plastics, and metals from your home. Do a selective pick regularly and make your kitchen more tidy.

We hope this article on our blog was helpful to you.

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