Here’s How To Choose Best Toys For Children’s School

How To Choose Best Toys For Children's School

Toys occupy a very important role in children’s school. After all, they offer much more than fun for children, since, through play in the playground, they learn rules of good coexistence, work the interaction with the classmates and also develop their motor and cognitive skills.

Toy space becomes even more important when the school welcomes students with special needs, as they help with school inclusion. However, it is not a question of choosing specific items for this audience — you need to acquire Toys that can be used by everyone safely.

Do you want to make your children’s school safer and more attractive for the child? Check below how to assemble and choose the best toys for children’s school! Good reading!

How to assemble and what toys to buy?

How to assemble and what toys to buy?

To set up your playground, the first thing to do is to study relevant information about the children’s school, such as the average age of the children, the space available to install the toys and the type of toy your students prefer.

From these data, it is possible to better orient yourself to choose toys that, in fact, ensure the recreation of children and that, above all, are safe and appropriate for their age.

The most important factor is to select toys made from materials that correspond to the age group of students. For children’s school classes, which usually have a maximum age of five, the ideal is to use plastic items, which have several advantages, such as:

* absence of dangerous corners, since their corners are rounded;

* lightness and strength of the material;

* no exposure to sharp surfaces such as nails, chips or barbs;

* possibility of creating modules to assemble differentiated toys;

* no rust and no accumulation of moisture, due to the possibility of drying after rains;

* durability for more than 15 years.

Some of the toys that can not be missing and are great options for the playful and recreational activities of the school are the slides, the spinner, the little houses, the braids, the polyplay, the swing, the tree house, among others.

How to choose toys for children’s school?

When buying toys for children’s school, it is necessary to take into account several factors, which are essential to acquire safe, fun items and that are a good investment for your company. Check out some of our tips to make a good choice!

See ABNT standards!

To build your playground, it is essential to consult the Abnt (Brazilian Association of Technical Standards), which has (in NBR 16701) on the requirements that equipment for this type of space must follow, such as distance and height of toys, finishing and periodic inspection, maintenance rules and mandatory monitoring of activities by a qualified professional.

By following ABNT’s recommendations, you increase your chances of making a successful selection that excels at the safety of your students.

Analyze the available space and the age of children

Analyze the available space and the age of children

If the recreational area of the school is small, then you can not opt for toys that are huge, because you have to leave space for children to play and move freely without taking any risk. Therefore, give preference to items that can be easily installed and separated by a safe distance in your yard.

In addition, at the time of play, all children will play at the same time, so it is recommended to choose versatile toys that will suit all age groups. In order not to limit the types of structures, you can opt for modular versions, which allow the addition or removal of components, generating new toys and new experiences to the little ones.

Prefer toys that stimulate creativity

How To Choose Best Toys For Children's School

Playing in groups stimulates children’s creativity, which can be enhanced with the toy options available in the school playground. During play, they create imaginary situations and participate in playful experiences with adventure and emotion. This process is very important for strengthening the development and learning of students.

Therefore, it is recommended to give preference to toys that stimulate the creativity of little ones. A good example of this is the little houses, which allow them to invent their own pranks.

Make sure that the components of the toys can not harm children!

Checking what toys are made of and what their components are is a crucial criterion to avoid any harm to the physical integrity of students. Equipment made of plastic wood, which last longer than iron or wood models, are sustainable and environmentally friendly, easy to maintain, and have no apparent screws, or barbs and ends that can hurt children are indicated.

Another advantage of this type of material is that it does not contain porosities on its surface — spaces that facilitate the accumulation of fungi and bacteria and that can cause allergies and a number of diseases in those who use the toys.

Watch for supplier warranty times

The choice of toys for children’s school playground requires a lot of caution and research on suppliers. This step is very important and should not be ignored, because it prevents you from facing future inconvenience due to the acquisition of equipment of low durability or that can hurt the little ones.

When becoming interested in a brand, you have to raise as much information as possible about the company and the quality of the products it markets, as well as check whether its reputation is respected in the market. A good way to find out is by searching the Internet, both on complaints sites and on the supplier’s own page, to check if most reviews are positive or negative.

Finally, it is also essential to make sure that the chosen company provides products that follow the safety standards stipulated by ABNT, in addition to offering warranty periods for maintenance or exchanges, in case the toys present defects and require replacement parts.

With the care mentioned here, you can choose toys for children’s school that value the safety of students and guarantee pleasant, fun and learning moments during play.

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