How to Choose The Best Toys for 1 Year Old Boys

Knowing how to choose the best toys for a child of 1 year can be a torment for parents.

Are you afraid to put your child’s health at risk with inappropriate toys?

Have you ever thought how dangerous it is to use toys from dubious and poorly crafted sources for your child’s health?

If you are here, it is because you know the risk you have and agree with me that we need to have the best products for our children.

Thinking about it, I elaborated this article with four tips for you not to make a mistake when choosing the best toys for a child of 1 year!

# Tip Number 01: See all the details on the packaging

Let’s face it: you can not buy a toy that does not meet the quality and safety standards required by regulators! The packaging or label of the products has the necessary information about what you are taking home.

Therefore, always see if there is the Inmetro seal on the packaging, so it is possible to see if the toy offers quality product and service to children. Also, the package contains manufacturer data, shelf life and warranty conditions that can be quite useful to you.

Being attentive to these letters can ensure that you do not buy a dangerous toy. In this way, safe fun is guaranteed for all the little ones.

# Tip Number 02: Stop! See the materials of the toy.

# Tip Number 02: Stop! See the materials of the toy.

Some aspects are easy to identify and prevent you from carrying a toy that will bring future problems for the little ones.

Nothing to buy those who make a lot of noise so as not to harm their hearing, let alone bet on products with a smell or shape that resemble some food, after all, they can confuse them with Real Food and swallow them.

Also, always check the conditions that the toys meet, look at the parts of the material. See if there are any loose, small, that can be swallowed, in addition to the sharp corners or even flaws in the finish.

For apparent reasons, if you are going to buy a toy for a child under three years old, do not choose those that are divided into parts or small parts.

# Tip Number 03: always choose the educational ones, they are the best toys for boys of 1 year

always choose the educational ones, they are the best toys for boys of 1 year

Childhood is a phase of great learning, so nothing better than combining the useful with the pleasant and betting on educational toys. In this way, children can play and develop their skills.

Also, we were able to stimulate teaching, according to the children’s discoveries, by learning letters, numbers and developing their motor coordination. Toys are essential at this stage to create the first experiences.

For the most part, educational toys offer less risk to the safety of the child and break they still tips to choose a toy for children without taking risks to acquire a lot of knowledge naturally and playfully. Therefore, they are the most suitable options for children.

# Tip number 04: At this stage avoid too many technological toys

Do children need so much technology at playtime? There are several ultra-technological toys, which offer various features for the little ones. All this can harm your child’s development by not proposing challenges to them. The best toys for boys from 1 year are educational ones.

Therefore, it is recommended that you seek to choose more straightforward children’s toy that contributes and assist in the interaction of the little ones. However, if this technology is innovative, then even you can have fun together with them.

I hope this guide will help you choose the best toys for 1-year-old boys. If you want to see the products that we have indicated for this age, on our homepage, there is a hall of the best and trusted sources.

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