How to Make an Efficient Canine Training

training dog

Dog training is a constant concern among dog parents. Teaching some tricks to the pet can help facilitate some day-to-day tasks with him and is also a way to educate him to obey the orders of the tutor.

How to train the dog can be a mysterious activity, one should understand as much as possible on the topic. Mainly at times when we spend more time at home, the pet feels the change and, accordingly, both of us no longer know what to do to spend time together.

A great alternative for puppies of all ages and breeds, is to teach some tricks. That is, use some basic training commands.

But if you do not intend to hire a professional for dog training and want to teach your pet anyway, we have selected some tips on how to train a dog at home for the following tricks:

* How to teach your dog to sit

* How to teach your dog to paw

* How to teach your dog to lie down

* How to teach your dog to stay

* How to teach your dog to approach when called

Below you will see how to train a dog through special tips and tricks. Check it out!

How to Train a Dog in the Right Way?

train dog

Commands for dogs in addition to reinforcing positive behaviors, contribute to the physical and mental well-being of the pet. There is the stimulation of memory and reasoning, the decrease in anxiety and the correction of behavioral problems.

As training dog represents more than teaching tricks that make us happy and that are cute to see, it is necessary to emphasize that it is also something healthy for your pet and that further strengthens the relationship between you.

It is common for parents of dogs to worry about dog training, but in times of budget adjustment, for example, hiring a professional may not be the best alternative.

Therefore, we must first consider two very important steps!

The importance of repetition in dog training


Do not forget that dog training is training and therefore it is essential to repeat each action with the dog several times until it learns what you want – whether sitting, pawing, lying down or staying.

But during Dog Training, always do short workouts, with breaks to intersperse, preventing the dog from getting tired and losing attention, the same thing happens to us humans, when we spend a lot of time doing the same activity!

Use rewards during dog training

Several things can be considered a reward for dogs. For example:

* The attention that the tutor shows when looking at it;

* Positive phrases like ” good boy!”o” very well”;

* Honey and snacks.

These rewards are great allies of dog training: they encourage the pet to make the movements he wants during the beginning of the process, until they become common habits of the dog.

In many cases, these rewards are enough to help with dog training. But if you consider it necessary, healthy snacks or fruits allowed for puppies can help.

If your dog is allergic or can not get out of the diet, such as those who suffer from canine obesity, use the grains from the ration as a snack.

Before starting dog training, remember: rewards should be quick to prevent the dog from losing focus in training. Just as long compliments take away the focus of the pet and impair learning, snacks should be small, to the point of swallowing quickly, so that there is no need to stop the activity for him to chew.

Ready to learn how to train a dog? Continue reading!

Tricks for training dogs

Take a detailed look at our dog training tips at home:

How to teach your dog to sit

dog sit

To learn how to teach the dog to sit:

1. Take a bite, show your puppy. Keep it close to the dog’s nose;

2. Move the bite to the back of the head, allowing your head to follow the bite, accompanying the movement, make it feel;

3. When the dog sits down, say “sit down” and give him the bite.

The natural reaction of many dogs is to sit, as if waiting for food. If this happens, reward it with words of encouragement or with the snack.

In the event that the pet does not feel after sniffing the bite, there are other ways to teach the dog to sit with dog training. Still with the bite, move your hand to the back of your head. The intention is for the dog to follow the movement of the hand and feel. When you sit, do not forget to give the reward.

Even then, some pets may not understand. To show the dog that it should sit, gently push the dog’s chest while pressing the butt to make it sit. Then give the reward.

During Dog Training, repeat the keyword you want, such as ” sit down!”, so that the dog gets used to the command, and ready-you learned how to teach the dog to sit!

This is the first command to be taught. It serves as a base for others, in addition to being the easiest to teach because it is something natural and already does daily.

It is always important to celebrate the achievement with encouraging phrases, such as ” very well!”.

How to teach your dog to paw

The easiest way to learn how to teach the dog to paw is to hide a bite in your hand and let it smell, as well as by teaching the dog to site.

Therefore, to learn how to teach your dog to give paw:

1. Give the order for the dog to sit;

2. Take a bite in your hand and close it in a fist so that it only smells;

3. Wait until the dog stretches the paw towards you to try to open it;

4. At the moment when you are left with your paw in your hand, speak the command “give the paw” and give the bite;

And do not forget to praise the pet and reward it with affection too. Since you will try to take the snack anyway, as soon as you put your paw on your hand, already prove that you made the right gesture and offer the reward. And don’t forget to repeat the keyword you choose during dog training as well.

How to teach the dog to give the paw is a slow process, like many other training tricks, be patient and never fight with your pet in case it is late to learn the command.

How to teach your dog to lie down

To learn how to teach the dog to lie down:

1. Take a bite and hold it with your hands closed;

2. Bring your hands closer to the muzzle and make it smell your hand, identifying the presence of the bite;

3. Rest your closed hand on the floor. He will follow her;

4. Then slide your hand across the floor in front of the dog to indicate that you should follow her, so your head will already be resting against the ground.

And not least, offer the reward! You can also use keywords for the dog to understand the command without needing the bite in the future. Therefore, when you are crouched and practically lying down, say “lie down” and reward you for achievement.

Remember that every animal has a personality and so some dogs may take longer than others to learn tricks. However, all of them are able to learn. The important thing is to have patience and respect each other’s time.

In addition, training is a daily construction and the tutor must devote at least 10 minutes of his day to teaching pet, so that there is a fixation of the tricks that have been learned.

How to teach your dog to stay

If you want to know how to teach the dog to stay:

1. Give the order for the dog to site;

2. Open the palm of your hand in front of the dog without touching it and say ” stay”;

3. Take a few steps back and repeat the “stay” command”;

And don’t forget to offer the reward.

Teaching the dog to stand is, above all, an exercise in self-control. Therefore, after doing this for a few minutes, make the gesture of “stop”, showing the palm of your hand to the dog and say the keyword” stay ” again and go away little by little.

It may be necessary to repeat the command word during dog training during distancing so that he understands that he should stand still. For this, you can alternate the keyword with short phrases of encouragement, such as “good guy” or “very good”.

Then go back and repeat the process to teach the dog to stand. If the furry tries to follow you, go back and make him return to the starting point, and repeat the whole process of dog training. Until you fully master the command, gradually increase the time you need to stand still.

How to teach your dog to approach when called

golden retriever

To teach your dog to approach when called!

1. Put a bite under your feet and speak the command “come here” to your dog;

2. When you arrive, say “very well” and ask him to sit down;

3. Increase the distance gradually and repeat the action until the pet understands it.

And as in all other steps of the process, praise the pet and reward them with affection as well. As you can see, despite the fact that we use training tips, teaching puppies requires time, dedication and above all a lot of patience.

Performing the training of dogs helps in the behavior of the animal when the tutor is or not present, facilitating, for example, the feeling of separation in the absence of the same.

I hope this guide has been very useful for you.

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