How to Train a Dog in 4 Steps Even If You Don’t Know Where to Start

how to train a dog

We know that there are many doubts about how to enter your dog in the most effective way possible and one of the main keys to the success of this type of training is to show the dog that it will be windier to obey.

One of the most common mistakes during homemade dog training is to act in such a way that encourages the dog to do exactly the opposite of what you want him to do and, for that reason, we have prepared some tips on how to enter your dog the adult in the best possible way; see!

How to get your dog to stay – 4 steps

The first rule for conditioning the dog to obey any command is: action according to what they are talking about. Teaching your dog to stay, for example, and then encouraging himself and making him go to you will make him learn to disobey what he is asking for.

Consider asking him to stay in position and gradually increase the time of stay until he is released to follow him, always rewarding him with snacks, toys or affection; which must be given when he is released from command or lies he obeys. There are even educational toys that can help in dog training.

With this first rule in mind, let’s get to training!

Step 1-Introduction to the dog to the reward

Understanding this is very important for you to learn how to train a dog!

Put the leash on your pet and kneel, holding it by the leash with one hand while the other holds a portion of food or some other bite you like.

Tell him to stay and wait patiently until he stops moving towards the bite, repeating “fall” until he understands that the more he moves, the longer it will take to gain pleasure.

As soon as you hold yourself in position without taking off the leash, say incentives such as “very well” and give one of the snacks. Be patient and affectionate, mainly at the beginning of training.

Step 2 – Stand Up Straight and Repeat the Command

Stand Up Straight and Repeat the Command

Stand up straight and hold your dog’s guide close to you. Say “stay” and throw one of the pieces one step away from you, waiting for the dog to be calm. Reach for the reward and bring it closer, letting him reach for the bite after he is calm and standing for a while, saying ” ok ” before releasing it.

Step 3-Repeat Step 2

Just take the reward a little further, so that you need to walk towards it to look for it. Our dogs are used to following us, so do not mock if you do, just walk looking at it, repeating “stay” and stop walking every time you move. Affection and patience are the secrets of the process, so always show that you are doing a good job and that this is a fun time for both of you.

Step 4 – Exchange the Reward! This is Important to Learn How to Train a Dog

how to train dog: happy dog!

Try to replace snacks with toys, and then with words of affection and ally. Repeat the first three steps with these new rewards, even using more than one at a time, and as clever as the dog is obeying the command, you can enter it in the “sit”, “lie”, “give paw”, etc

It is important to clarify that, as it happens with us, each dog has a fairly variable learning time, so be patient and do not give up training your dog if you think it is taking him to learn.

Also, dogs trained from dogs tend to learn better than adult dogs, but that doesn’t mean that adult dog training is impossible, right? Any dog can be trained!

We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to train a dog!

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