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4 Essential Tips When Choosing The Best Toy

We all know the importance of playing during childhood. It is through imaginary amusements that our little ones begin to develop and learn more about the world.
However, what is fun can often become tragic because of poorly crafted toys that can cause minor accidents.
Thinking about it, we have chosen 9 toys that will stimulate the development of children and ensure the safety of all of them.
But before we show you the 9 best toys, we want to give you some tips on how to choose the best ones to gift.

1. Choose According To Age


Children go through different stages of development and for each age there are the most suitable and recommended toys to help in learning.

Up to 2 years of age, SNAP or stack blocks and cloth books stimulate cognitive function and arouse curiosity.Already between the ages of 2 and 3, children are at a time of development of balance and the notion of space. 

They bring good stimuli to the assembly of simple puzzles, musical toys that teach words and numbers, as well as toys to stack or fit a little more complex than those recommended for little ones. These items contribute to an improvement in visual perception, tactile and motor coordination.

Between the ages of 3 and 5, the flock is already beginning to be interested in simple games, which require attention, such as those with letters and numbers, animals, etc. These toys help to develop basic knowledge and often even help performance in school.

From 5 to 7 years, the children are already more grown up and the interests are quite varied. At this age, we can include memory games, puzzles with a little more complexity and several educational games to contribute to literacy.

2. Educational Toys Are the Most Suitable


The child needs to play in order to develop, after all, this is a healthy and extremely necessary activity. And offering a range of options so she can feel stimulated to learn is critical. For this, educational toys are an excellent choice.

These toys contribute to the child to learn numbers, letters, stories and develop motor coordination, attention, hearing, acquire spatial and tactile sense, among several other benefits worked in a natural and playful way. 

Many of these toys allow children to interact with each other and share experiences, a crucial factor for the development of the little ones.

When gifting a child, give preference to educational toys that are colorful, fun and provide as much stimulation as possible.

3. Pay Close Attention to the Safety of the Toy


Be careful with the safety of the toys, see if they have the Inmetro safety seal and also note If there are loose, tiny parts that can be swallowed. 

Note whether there are sharp corners or even flaws in the finish that can cause any injuries. 

In case any assembly is required, follow the guidelines carefully and be sure to check the packaging to make sure the age for which the toy is recommended.

4 . Playing on Playgrounds Is Beneficial for Children

In addition to offering toys, taking children to play in playgrounds and playgrounds of condominiums or squares is also beneficial for children.

 In these places, they learn to socialize, to share the toys, as well as to understand that each has its turn. In addition, they will be able to move a lot and spend more energy than if they always stay indoors.

For example, playing on a swing helps boys and girls have a sense of speed; in climbing, they learn to balance themselves. Always take time to take the little ones on playgrounds, because in addition to having a lot of fun and spending energy, they will develop skills from practice.

 If you live in a condominium with a play area, encourage your child to take their games to share and play with other children.
However, do not forget to be aware of the safety of the toys available and make sure that they are suitable for your child’s age. Too large stairs, rusty chains or worn ropes can lead to accidents.

Based on these tips, we have chosen 9 toys that respect all these criteria and that will ensure fun and development, as well as safety for your child.

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